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Measurement Invariance of the People of Color Racial Identity Attitudes Scale With Asian Americans

Psychological Assessment © 2015 American Psychological Association
2016, Vol. 28, No. 1, 116–122

Racial identity has been linked to a number of important psychological outcomes, including perceptions of racism, self-esteem, and psychological well-being in Asian American populations. Although the People of Color Racial Identity Attitudes Scale (PRIAS; Helms, 1995) is the most widely used measure in Asian American racial identity research, numerous competing measurement models of the PRIAS have been identified in independent Asian American samples. Therefore, this study tested these competing PRIAS measurement models and also examined PRIAS measurement invariance across generational status, gender, and ethnicity using a combined sample of 1,946 Asian American college students and community adults. Study findings demonstrated the superiority of a 12-item 4-factor PRIAS measurement model that was consistent with Helms’s original racial identity theory, suggesting that the PRIAS operates in an equivalent manner across generational status, gender, and ethnicity. Study limitations and future directions for research are discussed.


Testing Competing Measurement Models of the PRIAS with Asian Americans

Miller, M.J., Alvarez, A.N., Li, R., Chen, G.A. 

Poster session presented at the 2013 American Psychological Association Annual Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.


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Li, R., Rider, G.N., Felipe, L., Ferradas, S.J., (August, 2012). Multiple identity development in Asian Americans and the use of family narratives in fostering resiliency. Symposium presented at the Asian American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Orlando, FL.

Li, R. (March, 2011).  Child-centric intervention for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Grand rounds clinical case presentation, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA.


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