All people have an inborn drive to grow and make continuous progress in their lives. But, difficult life circumstances often interfere with our natural capacity for growth. Negotiating life transitions, having relationship problems, and managing overwhelming responsibilities can make it hard to feel like our true selves. 

I strive to provide a warm and reflective space where you can take a break from the chaos of everyday life, observe your experiences and emotions, and reconnect with your core values. I am also an analytical thinker who can help you identify and understand different patterns in your life, both ones that can help you grow, and ones that have been getting in your way.

I do my best work with people who feel misunderstood in their lives. If you frequently feel out of place because of who you are, or if you often find yourself being the only person "like you" in any given situation, Iā€™d like to work with you. Through our collaboration, I hope to provide an experience that can help you transform your feelings into a productive creativity that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. 

If you think that I might be able to help you, please contact me so that we can meet in person and find out together whether my approach is a good fit for you.



Ph.D., Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco

M.A., Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco

B.S., Mechanical Engineering from University of California, San Diego

Professional Affiliations

Member, American Psychological Association
Member, Society for Personality Assessment
Member, International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods
Member, Asian Neuropsychological Association
Member, Asian American Psychological Association
Member, Massachusetts Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology
2015-2016 Postgraduate Fellow, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis

Publications & Presentations

Miller, M.J., Alvarez, A.N., Li, R., Chen, G.A., Iwamoto, D.K. (2016). Measurement invariance of the People of Color Racial Identity Attitudes Scale with Asian Americans. Psychological Assessment, 28(1), 116-122.

Miller, M.J., Alvarez, A.N., Li, R., Chen, G.A., (August 2013). Testing competing measurement models of the PRIAS with Asian Americans. Poster session presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Honolulu, HI.

Li, R., Rider, G.N., Felipe, L., Ferradas, S.J., (August, 2012). Multiple identity development in Asian Americans and the use of family narratives in fostering resiliency. Symposium presented at the Asian American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Orlando, FL.

Li, R. (March, 2011).  Child-centric intervention for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Grand rounds clinical case presentation, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA.


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